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There's Hope for the Average Student to Get Into College

There’s the perception that getting into college can be a serious challenge. Just look around at all the bright and talented students in your school. Here’s the truth, according to the National Center for Education Statistics (a Federal Agency), there are well over 4000 colleges in the US. Many of them don’t fill up their classes. There are more seats available for college students than there are applicants.


Is Going to an Elite College Worth the Cost?

Jacques Steinberg, a writer who addresses education issues for the New York Times wrote a story called “Is Going to an Elite College Worth the Cost?”  I’m sure it’s something that crosses the mind of every parent of a high school senior and perhaps a few students as well.

A Quest to Explain What Grades Really Mean - for High School Students

Tamar Lewin, a New York Times reporter, discussed the issue of what an “A” means if everyone gets one.  To some, an “A” is supposed to mean total mastery of the subject and to others, exceptional work.  Princeton University’s definition of an “A” limits it to no more than 35 percent of undergraduate grades. 

Top 5 Items to List in Your Scholarship Essay

It’s true that higher education costs are climbing. However, scholarships can make it easier to pay for college. Finding and applying for scholarships takes creativity and dedication, and the process is often rigorous and competitive. But by highlighting just a handful of factors on your scholarship essay, you can ace the all-important first step: submitting the best possible scholarship application.

1. Major Accomplishments

Issues for Athletes with Free Ride College Scholarships

Do you think that as an athlete your "free ride" college scholarship will pay all your bills?  Think again, a new study by Ithaca College researchers and a national athletes' advocacy group shows that the average "full scholarship" Division I athlete winds up having to pay $2,951 annually in school-related expenses not covered by grants-in-aid.

More Students Seek Scholarships

With college costs increasing over 22 percent in the last decade and the economy in a tailspin it’s not a surprise that students now plan to rely on scholarships or grants more now than in the past.  It appears that the large majority of students today plan on non-family money to help them pay their way.  Only about third of their parent’s generation had similar expectations.

Will Your Next Textbook Be Virtual?

Will your next textbook be virtual?  Some of the major companies in the textbook industry and college leaders as well are proposing that e-textbooks should replace the old paper versions.

Just as digital music changed the music industry's moneymaking model, e-textbooks could do the same for publishers. The claim is that it will cut skyrocketing costs.  When will your college adopt this aproach?  Will you be mandated to buy an e-textbooks? 


Photography 2011 - Smithsonian

Are you constantly taking photos? Is your camera always ready for action? Here’s a great photography contest for those of you over 18 years old. This picture contest is sponsored by Smithsonian magazine.

What are the competition rules?

National Geographic Photo Contest

Will you be one of the 16,000 contest entries to the National Geographic Photo Contest 2013? They receive entries from photographers from 130 countries. Contest is open only to individuals who have reached the age of majority in their jurisdiction of residence at the time of entry and there is a $15 entry fee.