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While the ScholarshipMentor website lists many scholarships. When you sign up for the free newsletter you will receive a listing of 10 to 25 scholarships every month conveniently arranged in chronological order. This allows you to see what you are eligible for at a glance.


At this time we are not mailing out the newsletter although we are maintaining a list in case we resume the newsletter.


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The newsletter will also give you tips on preparing for scholarships, volunteering, resume building and other useful information to prepare for the scholarship process. Simply click here or send an email to ScholarshipMentor(at) with the word subscribe in the subject bar.

Here are some interesting questions addressed in the newsletter:


  • How to create and build a resume.
  • Why the $100 award may be better than the $10,000 scholarship.
  • Why timing is so critical in the scholarship process.
  • Why heavy involvement in school activities may interfere with your scholarship goals.
  • Why home-schooled students have an advantage in some aspects of the scholarship process.
  • What simple errors can eliminate you from a scholarship competition even though you are the most qualified?
  • Why one major scholarship website is filled with what I call Spam Scholarships.
  • Did you know that a large portion of scholarship money is controlled by only two organizations? Your success in receiving a scholarship from them is based on your understanding of how they operate.
  • Why the advice to take the hardest program your high school offers isn’t always the most effective advice for the scholarship applicant.
  • 10 ways the scholarship application process helps you achieve your college goals.
  • Why it's important to have your own scholarship advisory committee and who should be on it.
  • How to develop a collection of references that will show you in your best light.
  • What are the multiple pathways to scholarship success and which path should you take?