The Community Foundation of the Hudson Valley Scholarships

The Community Foundation of the Hudson Valley offers 68 scholarships to students living in their area of service.  Although the foundation serves Dutchess, Ulster and Putnam counties in New York, many of the scholarships are also available to students living in, Columbia, Greene, Orange, and Westchester counties.  The majority of the scholarships are for high school seniors, but there are some for students returning to school, for graduate study and for nursing scholarships.  The scholarship awards range from $500 to $4500.  The best way to find a scholarship you are eligible for is to use their scholarship search tool.

You can apply for many of the Foundation’s scholarships by using their Common Application.  The deadline for many of their scholarships is in April, but some are in July.

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Scholarship Name                                                                      Award

Acacio "Roger" Rodrigues Memorial Scholarship $1,000
Andy Vito/Harold Tompkins/Ron Vece Scholarship Fund  $750
ATHENA Adult Scholarship $1,000 minimum 
ATHENA Scholarship (High School Senior) $1,000 minimum 
Audrey Morgenstern Memorial Scholarship $1,000 minimum 
Bret Alan Frattellone Scholarship $500 (minimum) 
Christopher M. C. Ulanmo Memorial Scholarship $500
Cosimo DiBrizzi Memorial Scholarship $1,000 - $2,000 
David Jagaciewski Scholarship Fund $1,000
DCRCC Music Scholarship $1,000
Dennis J. Markle Memorial Scholarship $1,000
Doherty-Package Pavement Company Scholarship $500 - $3,000 
Dr. Bernell E. Argyle Scholarship $1,000
Eileen Hickey Nursing Scholarship $1,000
ENERGY “Next Generation” Scholarship $1,000
Frank Thomas Groff Scholarship Varies. $1,500 next awarded 2013
George A. and Catherine V. Quill Scholarship $500 - $1,500 
H. Normington Schofield Scholarship $1,000
Helen H. Huntington Memorial Scholarship $1,000 (offered every other year, Next awarded in 2013) 
Hudson Valley Financial Professionals Scholarship $500
Jay Lamando Scholarship $500
Jennifer Coudrey Memorial Scholarship Minimum of $1,000 
John and Margaret Rehl Scholarship $2,500
John F. DeGilio Science Scholarship $500
John J. Csizmar Memorial Scholarship $3,500
Joseph H. and Mildred C. McManus Scholarship Varies. $1,000 - $3,000 
Joseph H. Gellert, Dutchess County Bar Association Scholarship $1,000
Joseph S. Guarneri, Sr. Memorial Scholarship varies. $700 currently
Juan Lafuente Memorial Scholarship $1,000
Justine Winters Memorial Scholarship $1,000
Kathleen H. Zwissler Memorial Scholarship $500
Lisa Moray Memorial Scholarship $1,000
Lorien Niniel Kimlin Scholarship $4,500
Luigi and Elisa Panichi Memorial Scholarship $500 - $2,000 
Manufacturing and Trade Scholarship up to $2,000 
Maria E. McCarthy Ringwood Memorial Scholarship $500
Marjorie A. Rifenburg Scholarship up to $4,000
Mary Abdoo Fashion Memorial Scholarship $1,000
Maureen and Stan Straub Scholarship $500
Maynard and Ferne Brownell Family Scholarship $750 (x 4 years) 
Melissa D. Bisaccia Memorial Scholarship $500 - $2,500 
Melissa Gleichenhaus Choral Leadership Scholarship $500
Michael P. Murphy Public Service Graduate Scholarship $1,000 minimum 
Michael P. Murphy Public Service Scholarship $1,000
Miles of Hope Breast Cancer Foundation Scholarship $1,000
Nora Zeller Strudwick Memorial Scholarship $500
Norman and Rita Nussbickel Memorial Scholarship $2,000
P.J. Ransley Memorial Scholarship $1,000
Patrick G. Nestler Scholarship $4,000
Paul S. Kleidman Memorial Scholarship $1,000
Pawith Educators Scholarship $500
Poughkeepsie High School Class of 1958 Scholarship $500
Poughkeepsie High School Educational Opportunity Scholarship $500
Red Hook Grange Scholarship (Dutchess County BOCES) $500
Red Hook Grange Scholarship (Red Hook High School) $1,000
Richard W. Mitchell Memorial Scholarship $1,000
Robert H. Morrison Memorial Scholarship  $900
Robert K. Gould Memorial Scholarship $2,000
Ruth Oja Environmental Scholarship $500
Sandy Hamilton Scholarship $1,000
Scott Ruit Scholarship $1,000
St. Stanislaus Knights of Columbus Scholarship $500
Stanley J. Tarver Memorial Scholarship $2,000
Stephanie D. Brown Memorial Scholarship $750 - $1,000
Steven A. Parascandola Art Scholarship $500
Thomas W. Haggerty Memorial Scholarship $500
Vincent Paino Sr. Memorial Scholarship $2,000
William J. Nichols Medical Scholarship  $1,000

Also see the Nursing Scholarship Program sponsored by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Health Resources and Services Administration.