Epilepsy Scholarships

Epilepsy is a disorder of the brain that is characterized by seizures. Seizures are incidents of disturbed brain activity that cause changes in attention, behavior and movement caused by an abnormal electrical discharge of nerve cells. 

There are scholarships for students with epilepsy and their family members. Some of them are listed below:

National Scholarships

The UCB Family Epilepsy Scholarship Program provides funding for people living with epilepsy and their family members, and/or caregivers who demonstrate academic and personal achievement. The deadline is in May.

The Tony and Jan Viessman Memorial Scholarship is a one-year, $1000 award honoring four outstanding students who demonstrate academic achievement, possess a strong record of participation in activities outside of school, serve as a positive role model and are enrolled in, or awaiting acceptance from, a United States-based institution of higher education for fall semester.

The deadline for this scholarship is March 30, 2013.

The Pfizer Epilepsy Scholarship is no longer being offered.

Local Scholarships

The Epilepsy Foundation of Northern California provides a $2,000 called the Paul E. Smith Memorial Scholarship Fund.   Applications are accepted through April 30, 2012.

The Epilepsy Foundation of Greater Los Angeles a few college scholarships for teens and adults with epilepsy seeking higher education in university, college, technical or trade school. The scholarship recognizes students who have demonstrated academic proficiency, actively pursue seizure freedom and successful management of their epilepsy, and are actively involved or committed to become actively involved in the epilepsy community.

The Mark Richard Music Memorial Scholarship Program is a $500 scholarship. In memory of Mark Richard Music who had epilepsy since he was 11 years old, he was determined it was not going to prevent him from leading a full life, and it did not.

The deadline is in March.

The Sara Elizabeth Stubblefield Foundation Scholarship was established by the family and friends of Sara Elizabeth Stubblefield for the purpose of creating and awarding a scholarship in memory of Sara. Sara developed epilepsy as a high school junior, was valedictorian of her graduating class and was a 1996 honors graduate of Greenville College. She received a Masters Degree in Social Work from Washington University in 1998 and earned the designation of Licensed Clinical Social Worker.

Sara was a fearless advocate for epilepsy education and research. She dedicated her life to making a difference for better care and treatment for people living with epilepsy.

The deadline is April 30th.

The recipient of the Shannon O'Daniel Memorial Scholarship should be a student who has shown courage in dealing with epilepsy and seizure, commitment to their education, and perseverance in eliminating the obstacles that epilepsy and seizures may present. This scholarship is offered through the Epilepsy Foundation of Kentuckiana. This is a one-year $1,000 award.

The deadline is May 15, 2012.

The Ira Rosenzwog Scholarship Fund was established in 1988 as a memorial to Ira Rosenzwog for his many years of volunteerism and financial contributions to the Epilepsy Foundation of the Chesapeake Region (EFCR). The scholarship fund was created to assist college students and others who have epilepsy to further their education. The Epilepsy Foundation of the Chesapeake Region is providing this opportunity with the hope that it will encourage people in Maryland with epilepsy to pursue a college education.

The deadline is in early April.

Minnesota and North Dakota
Elam Baer and Janis Clay Educational Scholarship
offers ten $1,000 to high school seniors or graduates already accepted into a post-secondary course of study. This scholarship will be awarded to students who have shown courage in dealing with epilepsy and seizures, commitment to their education and perseverance in eliminating obstacles that seizures may present.

The deadline is in early April.

New Jersey
The Epilepsy Foundation of New Jersey offers a scholarship program for New Jersey high school seniors who have epilepsy. The will give out four $1,000 scholarships.

Applications and supporting documents are due May 11, 2012.

New York
The Stephen A. Segar Epilepsy Scholarship program is for high school seniors and current college students with epilepsy, who reside within the 22 county service territory of the Epilepsy Foundation of Rochester-Syracuse-Binghamton.

The deadline for this scholarship is April 30, 2012.

The Epilepsy Foundation Western/Central Pennsylvania offers an annual college scholarship. They offer six $1,000 scholarships.

The deadline is at the end of March.