Sunwise with Shade Poster Contest

April 11, 2016
Maximum Award: 
$500 for the winning teacher and school and a digital camera for the student
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K through 8 students

The SHADE Foundation and the U.S. SunWise Program sponsor the annual Sunwise with Shade Poster Contest.

The SunWise program is a free environmental and health education program to teach K–8 children about sun safety, UV radiation, and stratospheric ozone. Educators who join the SunWise program receive a FREE tool kit of over 50 cross-curricular, standards-based activities and a UV-sensitive Frisbee for hands-on learning and physical fitness.

The contest encourages children to be sun-safe because skin cancer is the most common cancer in the U.S., and one in five Americans will develop this disease.

The winning teacher in the national contest will also receive a trip to the awards ceremony and $500. The national winning school will receive a $500 grant and a portable SHADE cover. The top five K- 3rd grade entries will also receive prizes of digital cameras.

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