National Junior Classical League Scholarship

June 15, 2016
Maximum Award: 
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For National Junior Classical League members

The National Junior Classical League offers a large number of scholarships to their members. Awards amounts, eligibility and other factors vary.

NJCL Scholarships - ten awards of between $1200 and $2500 are available to NJCL members based upon service to the organization, financial need, academic record and recommendations from teachers and other adults.

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Belle Gould NJCL Scholarship - $1500
Established in honor of Miss Belle Gould, the first editor of the TORCH: U.S., who served for many years as the Chairman of the Committee on the National Junior Classical League.
Jessie Chambers NJCL Scholarship - $1500
Established upon the retirement of Miss Chambers who served many years as Federations Chairman of the Committee on the National Junior Classical League.
Rhea Miller NJCL Scholarship - $1500
Established in 1980 to honor Mrs. Miller's retirement after many years as Convention Adviser to the National Junior Classical League.
Red & Rhea Miller NJCL Scholarship - $1500
Established in 1986 during the NJCL Convention in Indiana, where Mr. and Mrs. Miller presented a generous check to the NJCL to begin a new scholarship because of their great love for the National Junior Classical League.
Sr. Jeanette Plante Scholarship - $1500
This scholarship was established in 2002 in memory of Sr. Jeanette, a past National Committee member and long-time friend of JCL.
Renata Motiu Scholarship - $1200
Established in honor of Renata Motiu by Arvind Venkat, 1991-1992 NJCL President. Ms. Motiu taught Latin in Michigan for 33 years. A long-time member of the American Classical League and JCL sponsor, she taught two former NJCL national officers.
Margaret & Eugene Halligan NJCL Scholarship - $1500
Funded by an endowment established by Mrs. Halligan's husband in memory of his wife's devoted service to JCL in Illinois. This scholarship was further endowed by Eileen Halligan Farrell in memory of her brother and sister-in-law.
Maureen O'Donnell NJCL Scholarship - $1500
Established in 1989 by the Virginia JCL and Pro Scientia in memory of Mrs. O'Donnell for her years of service in the classroom.Mrs. O'Donnell, beloved Latin teacher and VJCL co-chair, was dedicated to the Classics and to teaching.
Susan and Dennis Webb Scholarship - $2500
Established in 2003, when Mr. and Mrs. Webb made a generous gift to NJCL.Dennis Webb was the 1969-1970 NJCL President.
Chester Tylinski Scholarship - $1250
Established in 2012, this scholarship is awarded to a student who has demonstrated the qualities that made Mr. Tylinski an incredible guide and mentor to many.  These qualities were his inspiring leadership, unwavering commitment to academic excellence, and genuine compassion and willingness to help others achieve their own dreams without any expectation in return. 
NJCL Latin Honor Society Scholarship - one award of $1500 is made to a National Latin Honor Society member planning a classics major and teaching career.

National Latin Exam Scholarships - twenty $1000 scholarships are available to students earning a Gold medal on the National Latin Exam and taking at least one year of Latin or classical Greek in college.