Ian Parry Scholarship

July 7, 2015
Maximum Award: 
Approximately $5300 (UK £3,500)
Other, see comments
You must be under 24 year or attending a full time photographic course

If you’re a documentary photographer and you’re looking to undertake a project and to raise your profile in the international photography community, the Ian Perry Scholarship.

Ian Parry was a photojournalist at the beginning of his career, when he was tragically killed while on assignment for The Sunday Times in December 1989.

To enter you must:

1) A completed entry form

2) A portfolio of not more than 12 low resolution digital photographs, either a photo- essay or individual photos. (Please follow the instructions on their website carefully) You must include a caption for each image in the metadata
with your name, contact details.

3) A detailed written proposal of your chosen assignment. It should be noted that this written section is considered extremely important. The judges will need to be impressed by your ability to produce a convincing assignment proposal as well
as your photography skills.

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The scholarship is open to anyone of any age attending a full time photographic course and to any photographer of 24 years and under.