Some of you may be familiar with the concept of Brainstorming.  It is a creativity exercise designed to help groups come up with ideas to solve problems.  A new book has been published called Brainsteering and it suggests that the most effective way to solve problems is by asking the right question.  The authors, Kevin Coyne and Shawn Coyne have extensive experience in business and consulting and state, based on their studies, people often fall into patterns when they attempt to solve problems, as a result they don’t make successful inroads into their most serious problems.

Now I know I’m dealing with a group whose focus is on a short term agenda, getting into college.  However, there are some key questions that this group might want to consider.

Why do I want to go to college?
This may help you identify which college is most appropriate for you and even if college is the right choice.

What is the most affordable way to get an education?
If your goal is an education, the best approach may not be going to an expensive brand name college, but perhaps a school where you will have smaller class sizes.  Or perhaps studying online, or going to a local community college first.

How can I prepare myself to obtain scholarships?
This may help you decide that obtaining a scholarship is not what you need, but finding an affordable college.  Or, thinking about this question can help you formulate a strategy to position yourself to get scholarships.

The authors promise that the Brainsteering method will help you develop more and better ideas.  Why don’t you pick up the book and give it a try.