Association for Women in Mathematics Essay Contest

January 31, 2016
Maximum Award: 
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Open to students in grades 6 though college

The Association for Women in Mathematics Essay Contest requires a student to interview a woman mathematician or statistician who is actively involved in mathematical sciences.

A valid submission will contain the following information:

    A biographical essay, based primarily on an interview, of approximately 500-1000 words in length, on a woman currently working in a mathematical career.
    A short (approximately 100 words) biographical sketch of the student contestant. This biographical sketch should include the student's name, grade level, school, and mathematical interests.
    Information about the student:
        student's name
        address of student (or parent)
        phone number or email address of student (or parent)
    Information about the subject of the biography:
        phone number and/or email address


If you would like to be put in contact with someone who has agreed to be interviewed for this contest, please contact Dr. Jennifer Ellis at AWM. Please note that interviewee contacts will only be given out for requests received by January 10 each year.